Volume 29 Issue 6
Dec.  2021
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Chen Yumin, Chen Runze, Zhang Kunxian, et al. 2021. Shaking table tests to investigate the deformation characteristics of water pipelines in marine liquefied foundations[J].Journal of Engineering Geology, 29(6): 1869-1877. doi: 10.13544/j.cnki.jeg.2021-0721
Citation: Chen Yumin, Chen Runze, Zhang Kunxian, et al. 2021. Shaking table tests to investigate the deformation characteristics of water pipelines in marine liquefied foundations[J].Journal of Engineering Geology, 29(6): 1869-1877. doi: 10.13544/j.cnki.jeg.2021-0721


doi: 10.13544/j.cnki.jeg.2021-0721

  • Received Date: 2021-11-02
  • Rev Recd Date: 2021-12-13
  • Available Online: 2022-01-06
  • Publish Date: 2021-12-25
  • Buried pipelines are widely used, and the extensive liquefiable soil layers will lead to the problem of pipeline uplift and deformation damage during earthquakes. Based on the buried pipeline project, we analyzed the deformation characteristics and dynamic response of pipes in marine liquefied foundations, and investigated the anti-liquefaction effect of gravel layers and drainage panels. The main conclusions are as follows: the marine saturated sand foundation liquefies under the dynamic load, and the acceleration decay decreases with increasing depth. The excess pore pressure in different depth rises rapidly to the peak and remains stable until the vibration stops. During the vibration, the pipe floats significantly and the floating rate decreases gradually. The gravel layer method is not effective in anti-liquefaction of the pipe, and the acceleration and excess pore pressure are basically consistent with the standard working condition. The effect of wide or narrow drainage panels method are more significant, and the liquefaction phenomenon of the overall soil layer is suppressed. The peak excess pore pressure is smaller compared with the standard working condition, and the average peak value is reduced by 48.30% and 38.91%, respectively, while the vertical displacement of the pipe decreases by more than 100% compared with the standard working condition. In practical engineering applications, it is recommended to use the drainage panels to reduce the risk of foundation liquefaction, while the appropriate drainage panels width needs to be selected.
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